Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ronan McLoughlin Commemoration 2011

Comrades we are gathered here today to remember volunteer Ronan Mc Loughlin, who was tragically shot down by pro British Free State forces on the 1st May 1998.

Ronan was a political activist all his life and at a young age came to the conclusion that the only solution to the age old conflict in Ireland was the complete withdrawal of Britain’s colonial machinery from the occupied six counties and the re-establishment of the republic founded in 1919 with the full implementation of the historic 1916 proclamation and the 1919 democratic programme. Partition by its nature is anti democratic and Ronan found that the only way of successfully challenging Britain’s illegal occupation was from the ranks of the Irish Republican Army.

His commitment and drive were an inspiration to all who knew him. It was this commitment to the republican struggle that led Ronan to question the strategy then being pursued by the leadership of the Provisional movement. Although sold to the republican community as a tactic, the process of engaging the British soon took precedent over all aspects of the IRA’s campaign. Ronan and his comrades recognised that this process would have a detrimental impact on the struggle as a whole. Britain has only ever attempted to come to an arrangement with Irish republicanism as a result of a successfully waged military campaign. Firstly in the 1920s and again in a longer more drawn out process in the 1980s and 1990s. The results of both processes were the near defeat of the republican struggle. The only thing stopping the complete destruction of the republican struggle was the presence of a of core republican activists who refused to compromise their republican principles.

It has always been British imperial policy across the world, to divide and conquer. It is no different in Ireland, Britain’s first colony. The Irish Free State was a creation of the British government, a way of cementing partition and also as a mechanism for continuing the war of suppression against the republic established by the last act of Irish self determination. Britain will always put its own interests above those of the Irish people; this has always been the case and will always be.

You would imagine that the leaders of republicanism in the 1980s would have learned from the mistakes of the past, it was criminal to think that a process could be entered into with the British government that would result in anything but the defeat of the republican struggle. Through secret engagements with the British and Free State governments, while men and women were dying fighting crown forces, Adams and co undermined the very resistance movement of which they were leading members, both politically and militarily. It was this betrayal of the freedom struggle that lead to a split within the ranks of the IRA. Ronan, along with many of his comrades, made the choice, to stay true to their ideals and the republic they had been fighting to re-establish. But let us make it clear, Ronan Mc Loughlinn was no “dissident” republican, we, who stand here today, are no “dissident” republicans we have not dissented from our republican principles.

The Dissidents sit on Stormont hill administering British rule. A Provisional Sinn Fein first minister would be the crowning achievement of British policy in Ireland. Former republicans now stand shoulder to shoulder with the commanding officer of the British paramilitary police force and the political leaders of unionism in Ireland to condemn republican volunteers who are continuing to engage crown forces. Republican prisoners of war are, at this moment in time, being brutalised and criminalised, this as provisional Sinn Fein are organising events to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the 1981 Hunger Strike during which ten brave man gave their lives so no other republican prisoner would have to suffer brutality. The image of Bobby Sands used to gain votes for a partitionist party is sickening and an insult to that brave man’s memory. The hypocrisy of the Provisional movement knows no bounds. British rule cannot be reformed, engagement in the Stormont assembly will not bring about Irish unity and participation in that other partitionist parliament Leinster House will not see our goals achieved.

The path that Ronan and his comrades chose was not the easy choice. It would have been much easier to support the so called “Peace” Process, it would have been much easier to have became political activists, part of Provisional Sinn Fein’s quest to obtain political power, rather than to remain soldiers of the republic. But for Ronan it was never about making the easy choice, it was about making the right choice. He like many others remained loyal to the oath they took as IRA volunteers, he remained true to the republic, he remained true to the IRA and its constitution. Ronan along with others could not stand idly by while a once powerful guerrilla army was sacrificed to satisfy the demands of the British government and the unionist establishment. Ronan took the view that those who subverted the IRA’s constitution to accommodate an internal settlement in the six counties ceased to be members of the Irish Republican Army, that they had split and fractured the republican movement. In the face of threats from former comrades Ronan threw himself whole heartedly into rebuilding the IRA and it‘s freedom struggle. It was this fearless commitment that found him in Ashford on that sunny day in May 1998.

The same Free State forces that executed Ronan are here today, they would like nothing better than for Ronan to be forgotten. They would like nothing more than for all the men and women who died for Irish freedom to be forgotten. But our presence here today comrades, sends a powerful message to the Free State government, to the British government and their lackeys in Stormont, that even though they may brutalise us, or try to sideline us or even try and kill us, we remain steadfast and confident that our freedom struggle will be brought to a successful conclusion.

Ronan stands apart from the quislings who killed him, as he died an active member of the IRA, an Irish patriot, dedicated to ending British occupation and interference in Irish affairs. For those of us who knew Ronan, we take inspiration from the man he was. From his dedication to the IRA and the cause of Irish freedom, from his tireless efforts to see his dream of a free united Ireland realised. Ronan, long after partition is confined to the history books, long after those who murdered you are forgotten, you will live in our memories and in our hearts, a true comrade and a brave Irish soldier, your monument will be a 32 county socialist republic.

Tiocfaidh Ar La

National 1916 Commemoration 2011

Easter Oration 2011

95 years ago the struggle to end British interference in Ireland generated a clear analysis which thwarted the momentum of the Home Rule Movement.

The signatories of the Proclamation saw then if republicanism did not make a stand British Rule would continue unopposed and administered by their lackeys in Ireland.

Fast forward and today we witness the same betrayal by those who used the republican struggle to further their political egos and to turn back the clock 95 years and are now administering British Rule in Ireland.

This Westbrit mentality that is being espoused today as republicanism is the same mentality that allowed the people to castigate Pearse, Connolly and their colleagues.

The 1916 Proclamation outlined how the Home Rulers were wrong in their analysis and this was ratified by the people in 1918 and in the Declaration of Independence.

Those who violate Irish National Sovereignty today, act contrary to both these historic documents. Imagine asking the American people to violate their Declaration of Independence yet that is what the Irish people are being asked to do today.

To implement the revised occupation and partition of our country the Stormont regime, in tandem with British intelligence, have introduced counter insurgency measures to stop any opposition to their betrayal and a central part of that is British Policing in the occupied area.

What we witness today is British Auxilliary police targeting those opposed to British rule in Ireland with stop on sight searches and draconian legislation as a means to harass and intimate. This is followed with house raids and arrests to further emphasise their dominance in protecting and upholding the illegal sovereign claim of their masters. Their mask has slipped and they are proving to be no different than the reviled RUC. This is political policing.

It is irrelevant what religion the person is who wears the uniform of this force, when they are kicking in a door and arresting a father, brother, son, mother, sister or daughter it is the uniform of British policing in Ireland that is behind it.

The 32 CSM or indeed any republican takes no delight when Irish insurgents attack the PSNI resulting in casualties and we took no delight in the killing of a police officer in Tyrone


The tragedy and trauma experienced by his family is the same tragedy and trauma experienced by all who were bereaved as a result of the intransigence of a foreign government.

Those who accepted for political opportunism a deal with the British Government which violated our sovereignty and who encourage and advocate joining the PSNI must accept their responsibility in his death. Just as John Redmond did before them, when he urged fifty thousand Irishmen to their deaths in World War 1, these so called ‘constitutional’ politicians have blood on their hands.

It is their flawed analysis that has allowed conflict to continue. It is their failure to uphold the principles of the Proclamation and the Declaration of Independence and their failure to end the cause of conflict that has resulted in that conflict continuing.

Anyone aspiring to be a police man or woman should educate themselves as to what they’re expected role in a PSNI uniform is going to be. They should be fully aware that just like the RIC and RUC the PSNI are designed to politically police British Rule in Ireland.

The criminalisation of the republican position has historically and presently failed and this is recognised by those in Stormont who from time to time make statements critical of the justice system, critical of policing tactics and effectively critical of their own position in violating Irish National Sovereignty.

In the 26 Counties the same tactics are being used against republicans and in particular there is a concerted effort, like the British attempts, to play out a propaganda war. Recently we have a concerted move to link members of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement to criminality and to drug and gangland feuding in Dublin with a compliant media prepared to accept downright lies from the Special Branch naming individuals.

These efforts are proof positive of our continuing growth. They are proof positive that our analysis and political activism is being well received.

The attempts to criminalise the 32 CSM will fail.

It is clear that our analysis on the national question cuts through their continuing deceptions and their only weapon against us is lies upon lies. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement will not be deflected from our own strategy in challenging the legitimacy of British rule in Ireland.

The 32 CSM have put forward a peaceful solution to the conflict in our challenge at the UN and in our documents in 2005 to the political parties and the British and Dublin Governments. We outlined our position and asked them for their analysis and response. To date they have failed to do so.

We particularly address this issue to London’s micro deputy minister in Stormont. Time and time again he has falsely asserted that our Movement has failed to engage with his party. He has repeated these lies at every opportunity to deflect from the real issue at hand; his disastrous leadership and negotiations strategy.

So once again we set it out for all to see. You have our analysis; you have our correspondence with you which sets out very clearly our position on meetings with you. You have continually evaded us because you know our analysis lays bare your political impotence in addressing the core issue of Irish national sovereignty. This is why you are running scared of meaningful interaction, preferring instead the media sound byte and the emotive and despicable exploitation of the dead.

The men and women of 1916 gave their unequivocal response to the Home Rule and West Brit mentality and they were prepared to give their lives for that cause. When the signatories of the Proclamation were executed by the British Government a flame was lit that remains bright today. And standing here at their graveside is there any clearer message than their very existence that the British Monarch cannot be welcomed in Ireland?

It is what that Monarchy represents that these men were executed because they chose to defy that Monarchy’s remit in Ireland. That remit remains here today. 1916 was about choices, it is about choices. You have to choose between the Proclamation or Partition; you cannot choose both. And it remains one of the greatest historical ironies that the ones who most ably understand this are the British themselves. And standing on this principle they routed Irish negotiators time after time by first insisting that those same negotiators choose the option which explicitly recognises the legitimacy of the British presence in Ireland. Lloyd George did it with Collins and DeValera and Tony Blair repeated it with Adams and McGuinness.

We stand on the legitimacy of Irish National Sovereignty and say clearly to the British Monarch your violation of that sovereignty renders you an aggressor in our country. We have no welcome for you whatsoever.

In commemorating and remembering the heroes of 1916 and all volunteers who paid the supreme sacrifice we too remember our responsibilities to uphold the principles for which they died.

Our challenge to the British Government is to submit to the UN under international law the evidence of their legitimacy in Ireland and our challenge to those at Stormont is to tell us at what point in time did British Rule in Ireland become legitimate?

As we leave here today let us commit ourselves to the tasks ahead. It is not going to be easy giving the onslaught against us however I believe we are up to the task and we call on all republicans to stand united in the face of adversity.

Friday, April 8, 2011

British Monarch Not Welcome Demonstration

Republicans are asked to gather at the G.P.O. O'Connell St at 2pm on Saturday April 9th to protsest against the impending visit of the British Monarch.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Royal Visit Protest At British Embassy

No to Royal Visit Protest British Embassy Wednesday 6th of April at 6.30pm

Herald Gets It Wrong…….Again!

Herald Gets It Wrong…….Again!

Following a shooting in the Blanchardstown area on March 27th a certain media outlet tripped over itself in its rush to apportion blame to republicans. Not for the first time have the Evening Herald and its ‘journalist’ Cormac Byrne engaged in this spurious reporting only to be contradicted by that annoying thing called fact. Previously at a shooting in Finglas, in which two cousins were attacked, Byrne and the Herald again chose to promote a tabloid headline without reference to an iota of fact.

But more sinister is the motive behind these blatant lies. The agenda seeks to manipulate armed confrontation between the IRA and criminal elements in the Dublin area. Byrne also postulated that a mythical feud between the IRA and the INLA was behind the Blanchardstown attack. Added to this is the intervention of another Herald ‘journalist’, the retired garda Gerry O’Carroll’ who dangerously speculated that the IRA were preparing to target members of the Gardai.

The press has a pivotal and important role to play in society. It also has an onerous responsibility to print facts above and beyond biased speculation. The ramblings of the likes of Byrne and O’Carroll negate that responsibility and expose a very clear anti-republican agenda wherein only imaginary muckraking passes for journalism.