Sunday, March 27, 2011

British Monarch Not Welcome

Dublin 32CSM held a highly visible protest against the impending royal visit in Ballymun town centre.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Speech And The Royal Visit

The 32CSM in Dublin would like to register our concern at the manner in which the Free State authorities and media have responded to the anti royal visit banner outside the Players Lounge pub in Fairview. We have no connection to Mr Stokes or his establishment, however as republicans we feel compelled to speak out at the overt political censorship being inflicted upon his point of view. The decision by John Stokes to erect a banner opposing the royal visit is a welcome and legitimate expression of his political beliefs. Irish republicans have long opposed visits by British monarchs to our shores. In 1911 James Connolly and Constance Marcievicz led the way in opposing the visit of the British Royals.

Republicans in 2011 feel the same way about any such visit. John Stokes has been approached by the Gardai who have attempted to censor and intimidate him for his beliefs. Is this not a country where all shades of political opinion are free to express their ideas? Evidently not! Mr Stokes is now being taken to court under incitement to hatred legislation. This is a ridiculous decision as the banner makes a political statement of opposition to occupation rather than any statement or slur against English people. Mr Stokes had to suffer further harassment through the media when he appeared on the Joe Duffy show on RTE. Throughout the radio program he was subjected to personal abuse and accusations of bigotry. When republicans attempted to get through to the show they were not allowed on, contrary to Joe Duffy's sanctimonious proclamations regarding objectivity. Mr Stokes is being brought to court this Wednesday 16th of march. We urge all republicans and anti imperialists in Dublin and around Ireland to support him in his struggle to defend the right to free speech.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

National Protest Against Royal Visit

A National Protest against the impending visit by the British Monarch will take place on Saturday 19th March @ 2pm Opposite GPO. All Republicans Welcome!

Tallaght Protest Against Monarch's Visit

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No To Royal Visit Protests

Dublin 32CSM are arranging two protests against the impending Royal Visit by the British Monarch.

March 12 Luas Stop Tallaght 2pm

March 19 Main Street Ballymun 2pm CANCELLED

Routing The Rebels For POW's

In a titanic clash the skill and daring of the Dublin cumann of the 32CSM overwhelmed their counterparts from Cork in a fundraising GAA match to raise funds for POW's.