Saturday, July 5, 2008

Whilst The Occupation Remains, Resistance Will Remain

The revelations that the people of Derry City are to be petitioned in order to put pressure on Anti Agreement Republican Separatists to disband is disingenuous in the extreme and smacks not only of political opportunism but also no small measure of desperation.

It is clear that those behind this political stunt are using the understandable anger in the community at the murder of Emmet Sheils to further their own political objectives, namely an end to opposition to support for the RUC/PSNI and the British Administration in Stormont.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement will not be deflected from our political work by such ill conceived political posturing nor will any other Anti Agreement Republican groupings.

Those who have sought to ferment community tensions by deliberately and falsely attributing blame for the murder of Emmet Sheils will be exposed for what they are as will their cynical use of his death for their own narrow agenda. Republicans will not be intimidated from upholding the Republican position and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement are resolute in our intention to continue our work in Derry City and across the nation.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement are attracting disillusioned and disenfranchised Republicans right across Ireland and further a field as are other Republican organisations and the cynical manipulation of this tragic event illustrates how low Pro State Nationalists will go to undermine this growth, they will fail.

We note also the presence of the so called Deputy First Minister in Iraq. Just recently the same Minister greeted the US President to the Six Counties without a whimper of protest from him against the occupation and wholesale slaughter in that country. This reluctance to petition for protest against these blatant injustices is at least consistent with their equal reluctance to petition for protest against other high profile murders here because they do not afford him the same opportunity for cheap political kudos

The Irish Resistance Movement will not be forced to disband and anyone endeavouring to do so is not only naïve but is also acting in a dangerous manner. Attempts to foster a civil war mentality will also fail as all previous attempts have done.
The 32 County Sovereignty Movement have this pledge to make to Republicans,
While the British Occupation remains so too will Irish Resistance to that Occupation

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

32CSM Rebuke Derry Claims By McGuinness

32 County Sovereignty Movement

Redundant Rhetoric and Crocodile Tears from British Minister

The redundant rhetoric spouted by Stormont Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness in Derry on Sunday confirms two facts; firstly, the policy of Sinn Fein statements being written for them by the British government is a continuing one and secondly, that the growth of republican separatism in that city will continue unabated. The crocodile tears shed for the late Emmet Shiels was a disgraceful display of political exploitation of a tragic event to score cheap political points. It was the stuff of Independent Newspapers and the stock in trade of tabloid so called Security Correspondents. Are there not other families in Ireland who have suffered similar tragedies but who did not qualify for a Sinn Fein media scrum to cast false aspersions before the facts were known? Are the McCartney and Quinn families any less deserving because their respective tragedies cannot generate political capital for Sinn Fein? Are Sinn Fein advising people to run to the RUC/PSNI at a quicker pace than the RUC/PSNI responded to the attack itself?

The feigned concern for the Shiels family was in sharp contrast to the indifference shown toward the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi families who have suffered at the hands of George Bush. Yet the same Stormont quisling was readily rolled out to perform as subordinate to the DUP leader in greeting Bush to the Six Counties, not as an occupied area but as an integral part of the United Kingdom. And whilst George Bush was congratulating the DUP’s poodle for finally being house trained the benign Ogra Sinn Fein were lamely protesting against the visit itself. Such spineless capitulation and insipid protesting is in no position to lecture to Irish republicans. But that is the nature of British rule in Ireland and of those who administer it. It is clear to all republicans which route Martin McGuinness chose when the fork in the road confronted Sinn Fein. Sinn Fein are the new force outside the Four Courts now, the new British bulwark, acting under their instruction and supply, against Irish republicanism. The Irish people and the Sinn Fein electorate are not one and the same. What sustains the Irish struggle for independence is our inalienable right to that independence. The politics of the opinion poll has no place in a revolutionary struggle. Irish national self determination cannot be expressed within a partitionist framework. The 32 County Sovereignty Movement calls for the disbandment of the British Administration in our country. We call for an end to British Parliamentary activity in Ireland, be it from direct rule from London or from their micro Ministers in Stormont.