Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Special Branch Harassment Continues

On Saturday the 12th of December eight 32CSM members from the Dublin cumann attended an anti drugs rally on O’Connell Street. The rally was organised in conjunction with COCAD and was intended to raise awareness around the issue of drug abuse ravaging working class communities. After the protest, as the 32CSM members were preparing to leave, they were approached by two detectives who began to harass some of the members present with insinuations and aggressive posturing.

One of the branch members illegally refused to identify himself as required under law and the 32CSM members began to walk away. The detective then physically accosted a sovereignty movement member and called for backup. The sovereignty movement members began to tell passers by what the branch men were doing only to be told by the detectives to stop. Refusing to do so the sovereignty movement activists were allowed to walk away but were followed again with more harassment including all eight members being searched. Having failed in their clear objective of provoking a physical confrontation the branch men resorted to childish threats.

The 32CSM wishes to highlight the ongoing harassment of its members by both the Gardai and the Special Branch. Routine and petty harassment is clearly designed to both deter people from joining and to make members lives more difficult. In the face of this regular and provocative behaviour the sovereignty movement in Dublin has refused to allow itself to be denigrated and continues its work unhindered by Free State oppression.

Beir Bua

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Shell To Sea Activist Imprisoned

32 County Sovereignty Movement: Free Maura Harrington

On a day when the government chose to impose savage cuts on the least well off to compensate for the reckless behaviour of bankers and developers they also chose to imprison an Irish Citzen endeavouring to protect our natural resources as the property of all the Irish people. Judge John Haughton sentenced Maura Harrington to nine months imprisonment and the severity of the sentence seems to be meant as a deterrent against further similar activities by Ms Harrington and others. Not content to allow bankers squander billions alone they also allowed a corrupt and convicted Cabinet Minister negotiate a deal with the Shell Corporation to siphon billions of our natural resources into private hands. The concept of the people being the nation no longer holds true for them.

The harassment of activists by Shell and their local lackeys is not a pattern unique to Ireland and the atrocities committed by Shell against the native people in the Ogoni in Nigeria which culminated in the Shell sponsored state executions of the Ogoni Nine shows the lengths to which they will go for profit. The 32CSM supports the people of Mayo in their struggle against Shell and the brutality of the Gardai in dealing with protestors. We call for the immediate release of Ms Harrington and any imprisoned Shell to Sea activists and for an immediate cessation to Shell construction projects in Ireland. To Maura Harrington and her comrades we trust the spirit of Ken Sara Wiwa will continue to sustain you.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Attacks On Vulnerable Condemned

32 County Sovereignty Movement Condemns Attacks on the Vulnerable

The 32CSM in North Dublin has been informed in recent weeks of a spate of burglaries and anti social behaviour in Donaghmede. These attacks on the community in the area come at a time when working class areas are also suffering from the neo liberal policies of a government that cares little for the people of Ireland. Just as the sovereignty movement condemns the attacks on the Irish people by this government and seeks to fight for their basic rights so we will also take a stand on local issues that affect our communities. We have been informed by local residents that these acts have been perpetrated under various guises to gain entry to the homes of residents. The elderly have been targeted in many cases and are living in a state of constant fear. This is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly. We urge all residents of Donaghmede and any communities suffering similar problems to contact their local 32csm representative with any information on these incidents.

The failure of the Gardai to respond to the needs of local people merely reflects their stance of supporting the government’s supporters, the wealthy and the powerful. The 32CSM will not abandon the people of Dublin as the political elite have done. To the perpetrators of these acts we advise you to cease and desist. The consequence of attacking communities is to isolate yourselves from society. To prey on the weak is to attack the fabric of community and this is an intolerable trend in working class areas. Anti social behaviour will not go unanswered and requests for assistance from the 32CSM will be heeded as they have been recently in Cavan, Cork and in the Six Counties.

32CSM activists will be pursuing such events in these areas and we urge all members of the community to feel welcome to approach us for assistance.

Dublin 32CSM

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free Colin Duffy Protest Drogheda 24/10/09

Members of Friends of Colin duffy, 32CSM. IRPWA, eirigi, Independent Republicans and RNU held a protest in Drogheda in support of the incarcerated republican.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Republicans Say No To Lisbon

Republicans joined forces in Dublin to push for a No Vote in the Lisbon Referendum.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Statement From Francie Mackey
Chairperson 32CSM

Lisbon Treaty Referendum October 2nd 2009

As predicted, and as expected, the people of the Twenty Six Counties face another vote on the already defeated Lisbon Treaty. Following on from the sidestepping of the Dutch and French people’s rejection of the EU Constitution the second referendum being held here is yet further proof that democracy is viewed as a hindrance to the current EU direction. Despite platitudes about different contexts and binding guarantees the true intent of this referendum is to be found in the politics behind it. Fearful of an almost certain rejection of Lisbon in a British Referendum if a change of government were to occur in London the Irish people are being forced to revisit their decision because foreign political opinion deems it expedient to its interests that we do so. It is a mockery of Irish sovereignty on a par with the continuation of partition. Once again the British Government is imposing its will on the outcome of an Irish election.

It is clear that the acceptance of democratic will is deemed less worthy of guarantee by those who sought it, but argued for a different outcome. The so called guarantees issued by the EU Heads Of State are designed to give the illusion of change to justify the calling of a second vote. The Lisbon Treaty remains the same. The so called guarantees are not being voted on. If Lisbon is passed there is no legal prohibition preventing the Heads Of State reconvening afterwards to overturn the so called guarantees. Dublin can veto this of course but that merely amounts to a political promise that they would act in such a fashion. Given that they went to Europe like chastened schoolchildren after the people exercised their veto, there can be no realistic expectation that Dublin will act contrary to the wishes of Brussels.

Because the Lisbon Treaty remains the same our original objections to it remain the same. But the second referendum does open different fronts on which objections to Lisbon can be expressed. Not least of these is the economic crisis. A crisis cannot be resolved by those who created it, employing the same failed ideologies, electing the same failed political elites and endorsing the same failed policies which they are wedded to because of the influence of corrupt bankers and developers. It may well be the better option that this economic crisis can only be resolved by confronting it with a political crisis which has no option but to force change through. It is not acceptable that working people should be subject to periodic bouts of economic boom, followed by economic doom, whilst the architects of it bask in the financial security of massive wages, bonuses and pensions. Small wonder that it is from these quarters that passing Lisbon is most cherished.

Equally, there exists a mindset in the Twenty Six County body politic that holds that financial failure and misdoing should be rewarded as opposed to being punished. The banks acted wholly irresponsibly yet are rewarded for same. State appointees, part of the crony culture, who viewed the public purse as a slush fund for extravagant living, are excused with massive remuneration packages form the very same public purse they abused in the first place. This is the political mindset which boasts of having been involved in the negotiations which gave us the Lisbon Treaty.

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement calls on the people of the Twenty Six Counties to remain firm in their rejection of Lisbon. We say that there is a consequence for saying No which confirms that a No Vote can effect change if the political will exists to do so. If that will does not exist, then that too must be changed.



Wednesday, September 23, 2009