Friday, June 18, 2010

Donnelly's Release Welcomed

The 32 County Sovereignity Movement in Dublin is delighted to announce the release of our comrade Gary Donnelly from Maghaberry Gaol today after a 7 month incarceration. Gary was imprisoned for refusing to submit to what amounted to "justice" in the eyes of a British judge. He has spent 7 months inside a prison where Irish republicans are fighting a battle that most of us thought had ended with the death of ten men in 1981. Yet still we find an instrangient British government seeking to portray republicans as criminals. They are now aided and abetted by their Stormont lackeys. Gary can now return to his family and will no doubt continue in his efforts to raise awareness about the situation in Maghaberry Gaol. We welcome his release and welcome him home, we also call for the other internees to be released and allowed to return to the families they have been denied access to.
Beir Bua