Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Garda Harassment

The Dublin cumann of the 32csm would like to take this opportunity to highlight the ongoing harassment of our members in the city. In the past week there has been an escalation and intensification of this harassment. Several families have been subjected to punitive house raids which are being used as a tool of intimidation. The destruction of personal property during these raids is also causing great stress and hardship. No doubt these raids are intended to display the new Garda comissioner's "tough stance" on republicans. Let us be absoloutely clear to him, your predecessors failed to destroy our movement and you will also. We will not be coerced by your thugs in uniform nor criminalized by the compliant Free State media. Perhaps your officers would spend their time more efficiently in dealing with the Gardai who are cooperating with the drugs gangs flooding Dublin with heroin and cocaine. We will continue to highlight this hypocrisy and harassment and our activists will not be deterred from continuing their excellent work.
Beir Bua!