Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dublin 32CSM Campaign Against Lisbon Treaty

As part of a natiowide leafletting campaign members of the McGowan/McLoughlin cumann took to O'Connell St in Dublin City Center to distribute thousands of Anti Lisbon Leaflets the Sunday before the referendum. The campaign enjoyed a positive feedback, particularly amongst working class voters, where it is envisaged a high No vote will be recorded.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dublin On Line Beir Bua

The McGowan/McLoughlin Cumann has launched its new On Line Newsletter Beir Bua. It is hoped to make the Newsletter a monthly on line publication which will deal with Dublin issues from a Dublin perspective. Contributions will be welcomed at

Republican POW's Protest At Temporary Release Denial

Republican POW’s protest at denial of Temporary Release.On Friday 30th May, Republican prisoners on E3 wing, Portlaoise Gaol refused to lock up for a period of an hour in protest at the denial of the Minister of Justice to grant Temporary Release to two prisoners to attend their children’s first holy communion. The POW’s were joined in the protest by prisoners allegedly aligned to the Irish National Liberation Army on E4. The prisoners, Justin McCarthy from Dundalk and Shane Hickey from Cork, were denied TR without an explanation from the Ministry of Justice, this despite the fact that other prisoners, with different perceived affiliations have been granted TR for the same reasons recently.

The prisoners and the IRPWA are convinced that this denial of TR is based upon the perceived affiliations of the prisoners involved and is directly linked to attacks by the IRA in the six counties.The Officer Commanding of E3 made it clear to the governor of Portlaoise that this was a protest against Dermot Ahern and not against the prison which he accepted.

The IRPWA condemn the Minister of Justice for his pathetic and petty minded attempts to punish Republican POW’s and their families and we salute the IRA and INLA prisoners for the principled stance they have taken in order to highlight this injustice.