Monday, November 22, 2010

Kevin 'Kiddo' Murray Commemoration

Volunteer Kevin Murray 9th anniversary.

A Chairde Gael,
Today we gather at this spot to honour the memory of Vol. Kevin Murray affectionately known to his family and friends as Kiddo. I take this opportunity to offer on behalf of the 32CSM our sincere sympathy to his Wife Phyllis, daughters Paula and Rose Granddaughters Shannon,Alannah, Kayla, Hayden and his only Grandson Saoirse.

Kevin lost his battle for life 9 years ago on Saturday 13th November. After suffering from severe
headaches and dizziness for some months his appeal for medical attention was finally succumbed to and the tragic news reached his family and comrades that our Kiddo was suffering from a terminal illness, namely a brain tumour and he was released from Portlaoise prison into the care of his family. Make no mistake about it, this was not done on humanitarian grouds, rather was it done to avoid the scandal of a prisoner dying in a free state gaol for lack of medical attention.

Why was Kiddo in that Free State jail?
He joined the Provos as a young man like many other young men had done, firmly believing that
this was a fight to the end and nothing short of a United Ireland would bring peace to our country. When the ceasefire was called on the 31st August 1994 a lot of people were cajoled into believing that this was strategy and just another weapon in the mighty arsenal of the provos, however when Martin McGuinness told a special delegate meeting of the IRA an 1997 “read my lips, there is no ceasefire” a lot of people did just that, they read his lips and then they looked into their own hearts and realised they were being sold down the river. Kevin Murray wasn't so easily taken in.

He realised the only way to achieve his dream of a United Ireland was to continue the fight. He along with the rest of us had witnessed the about turns by the provo leadership, so many turns that they all got dizzy with the lust for power and on 10th april 1998 real republicans were crucified by a so called peace process that would divide comrades yet again. The lies of Adams Mc Guinness and Co.,were so blatent that only a fool would trust them and Kiddo was no fool.

1986 at the Ard Fheis Mc Guinness stated that they would never go into Stormont. On the question of decommissioning we were assured not a bullet would be handed over, it was written on the walls in west Belfast and other parts of the North. How true ,not a bullet was handed over, instead they handed over the
whole bloody arsenal without seeking permission from anyone.
As I said Real republicans were crucified that day but as Christ Himself arose again so too did the
men and women who could not be bought for place or gold, not for them a seat at the traitors table no, to continue the fight was their aim and tragically for me and my family my son Ronan was the first to sacrifice his young life in an effort to keep freedom's flame alive. It was at my son's wake that I met Kiddo, he was in the guard of honour and I felt such a sense of pride watching them watch over my son until he was laid to rest.

Padraig Pearse at the grave of O'Donovan Rossa spoke of the defenders of the realm and warned the people at that time “they think they can purchase one half of us and intimidate the other half but the fools the fools the fools they have left us our fenian dead and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree will never be at peace”. Those words apply equally today as they did then.

Anyone who disagreed with the 98 sell out were singled out for intimidation and in the case of Joe O' Connor, execution, and this after decommissioning. Did they seriously think that people who couldn't be bought by the Brits would give in to the intimidation of tyrants hypocrites and liars? Let no one be in any doubt that we are here to work unceasingly for a 32 county republic. We have seen the debacle of gangsters in another so Republican Party bring this country to the point of bankruptcy because of their corrupt politics and their former leader has no comment to make on the number of suicides taking place because those poor unfortunates could see no other way out. There is only one answer to our problem and it's the only solution that hasn't been tried the solution that would do away with cross border shopping, the Real solution the solution we in the 32CSM want ,A United Ireland, the Irish people in charge of their own destiny and and Ireland taking her place among the nations of the world. We can do it and with the hard work and dedication of real republicans we will win.

Before we leave this grave today let us spare a thought for another prisoner currently held in
Portlaoise Prison. I speak of Kieron Doran who has lost his appeal against extradition to France
where he was tried in his absence on terrorist related charges and sentenced to a 4 year term of
imprisonment After refusing him the right to appeal to the supreme court. Justice Perth then
proceeded to listen to the representative of the minister for justice Dermot Ahern who told the court that the order for surrender was being proceeded with even though the Minister had the power to overturn it on humanitarian grounds as Kieron is the Father of 7 children and his imprisonment abroad would have a detrimental effect on his family. Not so said the Free State judge, “In these circumstances an order for surrender is not a disproportionate measure. The family rights of the respondant are not interferred with to such an extent as to outweigh the right of the French authorities to seek his surrender. I will therefore make the order sought.” Dermot Ahern deems that the right of the French authorities overrides the right of 7 Irish children to be close to their Father for an Irish wife to be able to visit her husband and indeed for an Irish citizen to serve his sentence in his own country. Sans Frontiers, without borders means nothing to the Minister.

At this late stage the only avenue open to us is to petition Dermot Ahern to rethink his stance and remind him that his government has made innocent people pay for the greed of the bankers and the greed of his government. It's not too late for him to do the right thing in this case at least and overrule the Judges decision, Get those petitions going, beir bua.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

IRA Statement

IRA Statement

The IRA's position regarding drug dealers is clear and our actions against them are motivated by the need to ensure the safety of the community.
These actions are welcomed by communities who are suffering at the hands of drug dealers.Recently, a number of newspapers have run stories claiming that the
IRA was involved in drugs and prostitution and that members of the Dublin Brigade had been stood down. The stories are lies.

Subsequently, the IRA sent a statement to the Irish Star Newspaper claiming responsibility for the execution of numerous drug dealers. The Star refused to carry the statement but instead carried statements from a Dublin drugs gang styling itself the "Criminal Action Force" which threatened republicans.

The Star newspaper was raided by the Free State Special Branch but nothing was reported in any newspaper. We invite people to analyse these facts for themselves and determine who benefits from this policy of censorship and misinformation.

Copy of IRA statement sent to the Star (below):


In Response to Recent Sensationalist Media Articles:

The leadership of the IRA wish to clarify our position on these claims: The IRA have never taken money from criminals and then allowed them to continue to operate, we have in fact relieved them of their finances and weaponry then closed down their operations. Allegations have been made that the IRA extorted a large amount of money from drug dealers and criminals. Anyone with evidence to support these claims should come forward immediately.

The leadership of the IRA have never sanctioned such actions and anyone using our name to tax drug dealers and criminals will be executed. In fact the only organisations in Ireland that take money from criminals and allows them to operate are state agencies, on both sides of the border, who take their assets and allow them to carry on their poison trade.

The IRA postion on drug dealers is clear, they deal death to our communities. We deal with them. Some examples are: Matthew Burns, Kieran Flynn, Jason Eagan, Colly Owens, Geradr Staunton, Kieran Doherty,and Sean Winters, among others.

To those who believe they can escape the reach of the republican movement, we have also executed drug dealers on the continent who believed they were safe, having fled the country. We have crippled, maimed and exiled numerous others.

Anyone caught up in the world of criminality, drug dealing, or issuing threats to republicans should come forward and admit their involvement now. Anyone who does not avail of this opportunity will face the inevitable consequences.

Those who wish to take on the republican movement should realise this. These parasites are members of a gang, the IRA are members of a disciplined army with experience of war.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dublin 32CSM At The Coalface

The 32csm in Dublin would like to congratulate all the students and activists who joined in the protest on November 3rd against the increase in registration fees. The 32csm were involved in the last campaign to oppose the introduction of fees and we have continuously lent support to students. The march on Wednesday was to show not only the anger that exists amongst students, already struggling in many cases to make ends meet, but also the frustration amongst activists with their representatives in the USI.

Our members joined the independent left wing bloc at the invite of Free Education for Everyone and Students in Solidarity. These students felt like us that a march without action would achieve little and that self serving speeches made by USI representatives with close links to Fianna Fail were not the true voice of the student movement. It was because of this discontent that students bravely broke away in large numbers from the main march to march to the gates of Leinster House to express their anger. The 32csm, eirigi, and the SWP amongst others joined the Students in Solidarity rather than in any attempt to hijack the protest. The reality is that the independent student bloc was organised by and for students who wished to have their voices heard.

Given that the 32csm Dublin branch has several members in third level education it was imperative for us to support such actions. The march then moved onto the Department of Finance where a large group of protestors including ten members of the 32csm managed to break through garda lines and occupied the building. At no point during the occupation did any official from either the department or the gardai approach the students to ask them what their grievances were. Instead the gardai aggressively manhandled protestors both inside and outside until the riot squad showed up. At that point protestors were thrown from the building whilst the gardai punched and kicked them. 32csm members fought back along with our republican and left wing comrades and the solidarity shown in the face of garda brutality was an example that should be followed in the future.

We would like to make clear however that the violence that did occur was initiated by the gardai who attacked a peaceful sit down protest with batons, before charging on horseback into the middle of a crowd of students, many of whom were already injured from earlier garda attacks. Responsibility for the violence lies with the gardai and with USI who by their lack of support for the action ensured that students would not have sufficient numbers to withstand the attacks.

The 32csm opposes the proposed increase in registration fees because we recognize that this is merely third level fees being introduced by stealth; we oppose it because it is another attack by this government on the vulnerable whilst the rich are protected. The neo liberal agenda that is behind such moves will be fought at every turn by the 32csm and we will not be dissuaded by any number of garda batons or media distortions. ictory to the students and workers!