Monday, October 11, 2010

Media Agenda Against Republicans

The 32 County Sovereignty Movement has noted with concern recent media reports of criminality within the Republican Movement in Dublin. A number of our activists have suffered from a concerted smear campaign by ceartain tabloids in an attempt to discredit their work as community activists. We recognize these reports for what they are, another step in the historical process of the Free State and British government's attempts to criminalize republicanism. This is not a new tactic but it is not a trend that can be ignored. The considerable reach of these media outlets means that many people who are not familiar with the 32csm do not have access to accurate information. The reputation of the Sovereignty Movement has been built on the honesty and integrity of our members, as well as their dedication in fighting for the rights of their own communities. It is in that context that we demand these tabloids to produce proof of such activity or to desist from issuing these false reports. Similarly anyone who has any complaint to make about the conduct of any 32csm member should come forward and all reports will be investigated rigorously and in full confidence. We are accountable to our communities, unlike the bankers and media barons that attack working class Dubliners at evey opportunity. We are confident that these contradictory, inaccurate and malicious reports will be shown for the lies they are.

Beir Bua
Dublin 32CSM