Sunday, November 29, 2009

Attacks On Vulnerable Condemned

32 County Sovereignty Movement Condemns Attacks on the Vulnerable

The 32CSM in North Dublin has been informed in recent weeks of a spate of burglaries and anti social behaviour in Donaghmede. These attacks on the community in the area come at a time when working class areas are also suffering from the neo liberal policies of a government that cares little for the people of Ireland. Just as the sovereignty movement condemns the attacks on the Irish people by this government and seeks to fight for their basic rights so we will also take a stand on local issues that affect our communities. We have been informed by local residents that these acts have been perpetrated under various guises to gain entry to the homes of residents. The elderly have been targeted in many cases and are living in a state of constant fear. This is unacceptable and will be dealt with accordingly. We urge all residents of Donaghmede and any communities suffering similar problems to contact their local 32csm representative with any information on these incidents.

The failure of the Gardai to respond to the needs of local people merely reflects their stance of supporting the government’s supporters, the wealthy and the powerful. The 32CSM will not abandon the people of Dublin as the political elite have done. To the perpetrators of these acts we advise you to cease and desist. The consequence of attacking communities is to isolate yourselves from society. To prey on the weak is to attack the fabric of community and this is an intolerable trend in working class areas. Anti social behaviour will not go unanswered and requests for assistance from the 32CSM will be heeded as they have been recently in Cavan, Cork and in the Six Counties.

32CSM activists will be pursuing such events in these areas and we urge all members of the community to feel welcome to approach us for assistance.

Dublin 32CSM